Plot: Fortification Legislation Scope in Countries with Mandatory Fortification

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How to Interpret this Visualization

This interactive plot displays the scope of mandatory legislation for fortification. The scope of legislation is classified into food types, origins/destinations, and intended use of the food vehicle. Hover over the circle under each classification to see a direct quote from the legislation or standard regarding scope of mandatory legislation. You may filter by income status, geographic region, legislation scope type, and food vehicle. Country classifications of income status and region are from the World Bank and UN, respectively. Continue reading to learn more about each classification.

The information on legislation scope includes the specific subsets or exceptions to mandatory fortification of the food vehicle in question. For example, whole-meal (i.e. whole grain) wheat flour is a subset of flour that is not typically required to be fortified even when mandatory wheat flour fortification is in place. Any foods that have exceptions to mandatory fortification are included under subsets. For example, it is common that all salt is required to be fortified with the exception of salt for medical use for people who cannot take iodine. The blue circle reflects whether a country requires mandatory fortification of all types of the food vehicle or a subset. “All” is used when the legislation or standard states all types of the food vehicle must be fortified or the legislation does not expressly stipulate specific types. “Subset” is used when the legislation states only certain types of the food vehicle are fortified or there are exceptions to the legislation.

Origins/destination displays whether fortification is required of domestically produced, imported, and/or exported food vehicles.

Intended Use
Intended use reflects whether a food vehicle used for household consumption, processed food, animal feed, and/or donated food is required to be fortified.

Sources and Contributors

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