The Global Fortification Data Exchange (GFDx) is an analysis and visualization tool that provides you with free access to data on food fortification. In its first release, the GFDx includes indicators on food fortification legislation from 1942 to the present as well as available standards, food availability, and intake for over 230 countries. Next, we plan to include coverage data, quality data, and more as it is available. You are able to generate custom maps, charts and tables within the tool, or download data for offline analysis, and the tool will continue to be updated with the most recent datasets, additional indicators and analyses.

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Country Fortification Dashboard

Country Fortification Dashboard

Summary of food fortification metrics by country

Legislation Status

Map: Fortification Legislation

Map of countries with legal documentation for food fortification

Chart: Year When Food Fortification Mandated

Chart of count of countries with mandatory food fortification over time

Fortification Standards

Map: Count of Food Vehicles with Standards

Map of the number of food vehicles for which countries allow or require fortification

Map: Nutrient Levels in Fortification Standards [mid-range or average]

Map of the nutrient levels required via fortification

Map: Count of Nutrients in Standards

Map of count of nutrients included in fortified foods

Food Intake & Availability

Map: Food Intake and Availability

Map of average intake or availability of food

Chart: Total Food Availability

Chart showing total availability of food

Full GFDx Datasets

Check back for additional indicators coming soon, including population coverage, fortification quality, regulatory monitoring protocols, and more!

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The purpose of the GFDx is to empower governments, donors, implementing agencies and other members of the global health and development community to make data-driven decisions in the planning, resourcing and tracking of food fortification policies and programs.

This platform has been designed to make existing global datasets open, discoverable and understandable and to enable decision makers to answer questions like:

  • In a given country, which nutrients are added to foods, and how much of those foods are consumed?
  • Which countries have legislated standards for micronutrient fortification of foods? 
  • How has the expansion of fortification legislation evolved over time, and for which foods?

Photo Credit: GAIN

Photo Credit: GAIN

Consolidating the existing global datasets also underscores key data gaps and the urgent need for continued improvement in fortification data collection, analysis and use. Addressing these data gaps would help decision-makers answer additional questions like:

  • What are the patterns of fortified food consumption among populations that are micronutrient deficient (or most vulnerable to these deficiencies)?
  • Does sufficient harmonization of nutrient levels in fortification standards exist to facilitate regional trade?
  • What are the best practices in food fortification that can be shared between countries?

Designed by the fortification community, the GFDx is intended as a next step in broader efforts to improve food fortification data availability for the global health and development sectors, and will be refined and expanded over time to enable new insights as improved data become available. If your government, agency, institution, or company would like to contribute to the GFDx, we want to hear from you! Please contact us using the form below.

The GFDx is brought to you by FFI, GAIN, IGN and the Micronutrient Forum

The GFDx was developed by a cross-agency team in response to the 2015 Arusha Statement on Food Fortification. This team is comprised of representatives from Food Fortification Initiative (FFI), Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Iodine Global Network (IGN) and Micronutrient Forum. We worked together to define a shared set of indicators and compile available datasets that enable comparative analyses across geographies and food vehicles. The FFI, GAIN and IGN serve as data stewards for the GFDx, and are responsible for data provision and quality assurance.

We would like to acknowledge the Global Fortification Technical Advisory Group (GF-TAG) for their contributions to the launch of the GFDx, including providing technical input and feedback on the development of core indicators.

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