Interactive Map: Population Coverage of Fortified Food Vehicle in Countries with Mandatory Fortification

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Suggested Citation: Global Fortification Data Exchange. Map: Population Coverage of Food Vehicle in Countries with Mandatory Fortification. Accessed dd/month/yyyy. []


This interactive map displays the proportion of the country’s population that likely eats the fortified food vehicle in question. Coverage of that fortified food is compared to the overall population as well as only to households that report using that food. This distinction is important since households that do not use a food cannot be considered potential beneficiaries if that food is fortified. For example, if they are primarily cassava eating, fortification of wheat flour may not benefit them. Including those households in a denominator reduces the estimated coverage, and impacts a program manager’s interpretation of a program’s coverage. Hover the bar chart to see more details on population coverage. You may filter by income status, geographic region, country, year, food vehicle, and coverage type. Country classifications of income status and region are from the World Bank and UN, respectively.

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